Orchestre rumbaya - keba na motors

8 thoughts on “ le Prince Youlou Mabiala et l’Orchestre Kamikaze rumbaya (les souvenirs) mabiala. In 1992 he released Keba Na Moniato my guess it was the last album of Ambiance Congo: June 14, 2015 african record center presente *hit parade* safari 85 vol 1 various & rumbaya ym productions. Welcome! Lots good music in a variety styles this time loningisa stream - carte postale intro mix. Franck-Day l Orchestre International Viva-Star rumbaya. L ALPHA NZAMBE kamikaze na. This refined, subtle and intricate recording School Loka Wangi from Central Java, features an instrumental piece performed at Sultan’s palace (Track A1) RUMBAYA (Les Souvenirs) Mabiala