Sat. nite duets - air guitar

A great film to kick off the holiday season. Last week we got the classic howls of Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein, and this week it’s the equally classic (though in an entirely different way) Incredible Shrinking Man. Thanks Sven!

Playing in Chicago tonight! Put some extra stuffing in your stocking and go long this evening with us at the Burlington! Playing with known legends Milked , Nature Machine and Telethon ! All cash goes to helping Puerto Rico!

Possibly the most untold story of the Dixie Chicks’ saga is the sonic repercussions the boycott and eventual demise of the band has had on country music. The Dixie Chicks were a traditional country band, especially by today’s perspective. They wrote most of their own songs, played traditional acoustic instruments like fiddle, mandolin, banjo, and guitar, and featured 3 part harmonies. The Dixie Chicks benefited greatly from the resurgence in interest in American roots music and bluegrass spurned by the release of the movie O Brother Where Art Thou in 2000. The Dixie Chicks were helping to usher in a more acoustic, more traditional era in country music, and were the biggest-drawing, best-selling artists in country music at the time; the biggest thing since Garth Brooks in country, and one of the biggest acts in all of American Music.

In 2002, Sheila E. appeared on the Beyoncé song " Work It Out ". In 2004, Sheila E. toured New Zealand as drummer and percussionist for the Abe Laboriel Band. The same year she also was featured on Tonex's Out the Box on the song "Todos Juntos". She also played drums on Cyndi Lauper 's hit album of standard covers, At Last . She played percussion on the song " Stay ". Sheila E. joined Lauper on a live version of that song on VH1 Divas .

Hi. I just found this site and am so relieved to know that I am not crazy. Also have musical background, and used to have always a song in my head! Now, because of labarynthistis, and loss of hearing, I have songs. When I get tired of one, I just say to myself, “have to change this song!” I think of another song, and “start” it in my head. It changes immediately . However, I usually get back to the original song some other time when I am not paying attention to it. I am 72, female, and I don’t mind the music, since I don’t hear anything else! Soon I will get a BAHA hearing aid, and then, according to the article, my music will stopl I think I will miss it!

Audicus explores musical hallucinations that often happen in people with hearing loss and hearing aids, a condition known as Musical Ear Syndrome.

Sat. Nite Duets - Air GuitarSat. Nite Duets - Air GuitarSat. Nite Duets - Air GuitarSat. Nite Duets - Air Guitar