Naushad - deedar

Likewise in Duniya na bhaaye (Basant Bahar, 1956) like all classical-based songs, it starts out slow with a short alaap and a slow tempo that quickens pretty soon. Rafi starts out pleading for a place at God’s feet, since he does not like the world and soon the voice is soaring in an ecstasy of devotional fervor, with, of course, perfect control on the higher notes. Also in Kahan ja raha hai (Seema, 1955) – A compassionate understanding of human troubles coats Rafi’s voice as it once again effortlessly brings forth the emotions demanded of it.

Naushad was by now an established composer. Rafi’s first break was by Pandit Shyam Sundar, but soon after, his association with Naushad started. He also got a chance to sing with his idol Saigal as a voice in chorus in the song Roohi meri roohi (from film Shanjehan ); coincidentally the music director was Naushad. Rafi’s solo Suhani raat dhal chuki which first marked him as one of the top singers was composed by Naushad. It was Naushad again who with Baiju Bawra established Rafi as the topmost playback singer.

Naushad - DeedarNaushad - DeedarNaushad - DeedarNaushad - Deedar