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[…] on line Physics Lectures were done at Stanford. This one is done by Leonard Susskind and available here.  I have not previewed this second offering but I certainly plan to do it as time permits. It is a […]

The Non-Local Universe, by Robert Nadeau and Menas Kafatos, skillfully lures you to confront the same kind of madness, or either pitch the book into the nearest body of deep water. But you must accept the disturbing fact of non-locality. This means that things can be immediately and intimately connected to each other even though they are light years apart. In other words there is nothing which corresponds to our classical cognition of geometric distance, and every particle since the so-called and now doubtfully singular Big Bang is in a way the same stinking particle, and there are recent convincing experiments by Alain Aspect and Nicolus Gisin based on theories proposed in 1964 by John Bell that close the lid of doubt on this creepy notion, which Einstein, by the way, despised. In a minor aside it might be pointed out that Feynman, in his amazing practicality, suggested that the reason every electron had the same mass, was that there was only one, buzzing around the 4-D universe, and when it was going backwards in time, relative to us, we perceived it as a positron.

Ruby Dee won the National Board of Review Award for Best Supporting Actress. Both Poitier and MacNeil were nominated for Golden Globe Awards, and Petrie received a special "Gary Cooper Award" at the 1961 Cannes Film Festival . [1]

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Walter Susskind - Walter SusskindWalter Susskind - Walter SusskindWalter Susskind - Walter SusskindWalter Susskind - Walter Susskind