We live in trenches autonomy clinic

But we were not satisfied with one trench. We went on and took two more lines of them. They shelled us the whole day after we took them and they eventually sent loads of gas but we stuck on for what we had so dearly won.

I can't sleep in my dugout, as it is over-run with rats. Pullman slept here one morning and woke up to find one sitting on his face. I can't face that, so I share Newbery's dug-out.

This was a Naval expression dating from 1916 and refers to the flapping of birds, and means to be worried or excited. Later it became widely used by ground forces in WW1 and led to the term "unflappable" which appeared much later and means "marked by assurance and self-control".

On occasion, Dad would say: “Well, boys, time to take out the trash.” And Pop was never an advocates for war or organized violence; out of common sense and had endured and survived Normandy and The Ardennes – and the V-2s of Antwerp.

The blaze has triggered multiple investigations by police, government officials, children’s aid societies and the Toronto Star. They reveal a child protection system that doesn’t know if minimal standards of care are being met, has no qualifications for caregivers, and is governed by a ministry scrambling to perform its oversight role.

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Indeed, one British soldier, Murdoch M. Wood, speaking in 1930, said : “I then came to the conclusion that I have held very firmly ever since, that if we had been left to ourselves there would never have been another shot fired.” Adolf Hitler, then a Corporal of the 16th Bavarians, saw it differently: “Such a thing should not happen in wartime,” he is said to have remarked . “Have you no German sense of honor?”

We Live In Trenches Autonomy ClinicWe Live In Trenches Autonomy ClinicWe Live In Trenches Autonomy ClinicWe Live In Trenches Autonomy Clinic