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The Beach Boys Love You is the 21st studio album by American rock band the Beach Boys, released on April 11, 1977. Originally planned as a Brian Wilson solo outing ...

"It's really good to be in New York," Harry said after a jubilant encore of "The Tide Is High," backed by a youth brass band bouncing across the stage. As Harry left after the requisite group bow, she bent down and picked up her cape and bee mask like she was tidying her living room after a Halloween house party, ready to head upstairs and go to bed. Welcome home, Debbie Harry. 

At The Drive-In, in•ter a•li•a
Run ragged by the demands of the rock industry, El Paso punks At The Drive-In disbanded only months after the release of their 2000 breakthrough, Relationship of Comman d. This month the band makes a full-throttle comeback with their first LP in 17 years, which forges an easy transition from the post-hardcore fury of their classic. "We need to honor where we left off sonically last time,"  frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala recently told The   New York Times , "and we need to honor how we used to paint outside the lines."
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Harry has always identified herself as a feminist, and there is a quiet strength in the way she presents herself, a sense that here is a woman very much in control. Before she was famous, she was on her way home from a club one rainy night in New York.

The Upshot : At the time, it was neither an abomination nor a momentous occasion, but just a weird rock thing that was, if not amusing, then actually fairly cool. The video helped cement Blondie's place as one of the more progressive bands in contemporary rock, and set the precedent for rock embracing hip-hop (and vice-versa).

"It was a lot of decay and there were, you know, massive garbage strikes," Harry recalled of New York City in the '70s. "It was fun."

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"Heart of Glass" was released in early 1979 and the disco-infused [24] [25] track topped the UK charts in February 1979 [20] and the US charts in April 1979. It was a reworking of a rock and reggae-influenced song that the group had performed since its formation in the mid 1970s, updated with strong elements of disco music. Clem Burke later said the revamped version was inspired partly by Kraftwerk and partly by the Bee Gees ' " Stayin' Alive ", whose drum beat Burke tried to emulate. He and Stein gave Jimmy Destri much of the credit for the final result, noting that Destri's appreciation of technology had led him to introduce synthesizers and to rework the keyboard sections. [26] Although some critics condemned Blondie for "selling out" by doing disco, the song became a monumental worldwide success and became one of the biggest selling singles of 1979. The song was accompanied by a music video filmed at a club in New York City (incorrectly surmised as being Studio 54, due to an exterior shot there preceding the interior video). The music video showcased Harry's hard-edged and playfully sexual character, as well as her famously stiff marginally disinterested persona. [27] She began to attain a celebrity status that set her apart from the other band members, who were largely ignored by the media.

Blondie The Story Of Pop Music - The Best Of BlondieBlondie The Story Of Pop Music - The Best Of BlondieBlondie The Story Of Pop Music - The Best Of BlondieBlondie The Story Of Pop Music - The Best Of Blondie