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The common issue that I found Kenneth discussing was masculinity. He was very invested in asserting that he was masculine and defining for me what masculinity was. This always came off as the total opposite of masculine. I'm a woman that certainly loves masculinity, but not the type of masculinity that Kenneth subscribes to. The pressure for men to be masculine often pressures them to be violent. Violence is a tool of masculinity and that often leads men to becoming targets of physical violence, more so than women. This has always been an anti-feminist talking point that I've always been fascinated with because it ends up being somewhat of a cyclical conversation. Sure, men are more likely to be victims of violent crimes, but they're also more likely to commit them as a way of exerting their masculinity. In a similar way, while men can also be survivors of rape, they are usually raped by other men. When women are the survivors of rape, they are also usually targeted by men. I don't discuss this much, but I am a rape survivor. How I dealt with my rape and reacted to my rape was probably not what you'd expect. Ultimately, comments like this don't bother me or trigger any type of "PTSD" as he alluded to earlier. However, objectively I knew this comment was messed up and so I told him as much while my followers were telling him that he essentially just made a rape threat. How did he respond?

Looking solely at murders, black men are arrested more for murder than white men, and at a much higher rate when you account for population.

Blaque (internationally nicknamed Blaque Ivory ) is the self-titled debut album from American girl-group of the same name . Producing two singles ("808", "Bring It All to Me"), the album was certified Platinum by the RIAA on April 10, 2000. [1] and has sold million copies to date. [2]

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This exhibition takes place during the Glass Art Society’s (GAS) annual conference hosted by the Chrysler Museum and thematically titled, Reflections from the Edge: Glass and Art Performance.  In this collaboration with regional venues, the VAC presents works by TCC graduates and Chrysler Museum glass studio assistants that are highly varied and depict current trends in this popular medium.  Joint festivities will take place on June 4 with the adjacent Portsmouth Art & Cultural Center. For more information, please call 757- 822-1888 or visit /vac/ .

Blaque - Blaque OutBlaque - Blaque OutBlaque - Blaque OutBlaque - Blaque Out