Támar davis - purple

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In 1990, Beyoncé Knowles met rapper LaTavia Roberson while auditioning for a girl group. [7] Based in Houston , Texas, they were joined to a group that performed rapping and dancing. Kelly Rowland , who relocated to Knowles' house because of family issues, joined them in 1992. Originally named Girl's Tyme , they were eventually cut down to six members including Támar Davis and sisters Nikki and Nina Taylor. [8] [9] With Knowles and Rowland, Girl's Tyme attracted nationwide attention: [8] west-coast R&B producer Arne Frager flew to Houston to see them. He brought them to his studio, The Plant Recording Studios, in Northern California , with focus on Knowles' vocals because Frager thought she had personality and the ability to sing. [8] With efforts to sign Girl's Tyme to a major record deal, Frager's strategy was to debut the group in Star Search , the biggest talent show on national TV at the time. [8] However, they lost the competition because, according to Knowles, their choice of song was wrong; [10] they were actually rapping instead of singing. [7]

Támar Davis - PurpleTámar Davis - PurpleTámar Davis - PurpleTámar Davis - Purple