Roy c. hammond roy "c" a merry black xmas / i don't want to worry

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In 1951 Roy had been appearing regularly on KERB radio in Kermit. By 1953 the band, got their own show on KERB sponsored by local businessmen one day a week before school. The Wink Westerner’s first appearance was at one of the school assemblies. They were also featured on the KERB Jamboree on Saturday afternoons with local Country & Western bands. The first songs they played were “Kaw-liga”, “Mexican Joe”, “Caribbean”, and “Under the Double Eagle”. But they were not only country, little by little they began playing and making string arrangements for Big-Band standards and instrumentals like “In The Mood” or “Little Brown Jug” as well as Pop standards. During the summer, Orbison would work for the County shoving tar, or work in the oil fields chopping steel or painting water towers. He used to be part of the marching band and singing octet, and at some point or another tried to play the baritone horn. He even had become the manager of Wink High school’s Kittens football team in 1952.

Profile of the performer Roy C. Hammond : Soul singer - Songwriter Born on August 3, 1939, Newington, Georgia Relocated to New York in 1956. Started singing in the late 50's with New York's [a=Genies, The], led a vocal group called Mark 4 and in the 70's he discovered [a=Honey Drippers, The]. With their [i]"Impeach The President"[/i] released in his [l=Alaga Records] they achieved a major political statement and song much sampled in the later years. Relocated to South Carolina in 1988.

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