John rubinstein - jeremiah johnson

He became an agricultural labourer while still a child; however, he attended school in Glinton church until he was 12. In his early adult years, Clare became a potboy in the Blue Bell public house and fell in love with Mary Joyce; but her father, a prosperous farmer, forbade her to meet him. Subsequently, he was a gardener at Burghley House . He enlisted in the militia , tried camp life with Gypsies , and worked in Pickworth as a lime burner in 1817. In the following year he was obliged to accept parish relief . [4] Malnutrition stemming from childhood may have been the main factor behind his five-foot stature and have contributed to his poor physical health in later life.

In Supernatural he portrayed Charlie in " Criss Angel Is a Douchebag ", in Season 4 . The episode co-starred his son, Michael Weston , as young Charlie.

Rubinstein is married to Karen Richardson , [9] a technology-industry veteran who is currently on the board of BT Group plc. [10]

John Rubinstein - Jeremiah JohnsonJohn Rubinstein - Jeremiah JohnsonJohn Rubinstein - Jeremiah JohnsonJohn Rubinstein - Jeremiah Johnson