Don slepian - reflections

Introspection is a set of classic e-music from the legendary Don Slepian . He works magic on his analog synthesizers and presents the whole package. From neo-classical arpeggios to pastoral ambience to sci-fi spacescapes, Slepian handles it all deftly and seamlessly. "Retrospective Suite" is a 15-part acoustic piano extravaganza that he composed and recorded in 1999. He weaves it in among the ten electronic pieces to give the disc insightful muscle. Slepian blends the old and the new expertly. And, like all of his discs, this one also defies comparison. It will appeal to fans of Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company , Tonto's Expanding HeadBand, and Wendy Carlos for historical perspective only.

Don Slepian - ReflectionsDon Slepian - ReflectionsDon Slepian - ReflectionsDon Slepian - Reflections