Trice - a half step down

Once you are done with all strings, you should check if the first string is still in tune. It probably isn’t, because as you detune one string, the others tend to detune as well, if ever so slightly. To fix this simply start over again and tune all the strings til you get the desired result. This goes for all the tuning methods described below as well.

The Fulling or Tucking process consists of the closing together of the threads of newly woven woollen fabric with the assistance of soap or acid liquor, with the end purpose of producing a grease free cloth of the correct thickness for future use, including dying. After a piece of woollen cloth has been first woven, the fibres of its fabric are loose, airy and unmeshed, and similar in texture and appearance to a piece of cheesecloth or sackcloth, and the cloth, clinging to its fibres, still retains a significant amount of oil or grease, introduced during the weaving process. Since oils and grease will inhibit the binding action of the dyes, these need removing.

Trice - A Half Step DownTrice - A Half Step DownTrice - A Half Step DownTrice - A Half Step Down